Empowering the children and youth of Haiti though education, sports, and technology.
Friends of Haiti is a small group of Canadians who want to help our friends in Haiti with education, healthcare, sports, housing, entrepreneurship, and dreams.  Living in Canada, we have so many opportunities and an abundance of support to achieve goals.  To see others living in desperation is so difficult.  We now have a way to send direct help and support.  Living a life that is productive and meaningful all starts with education. 

We are pleased to report that to date, 98% of all our funding goes directly to our cause.   Minimal Administration fee of 2% is used to send funds and support Maxeau in administrative work in Haiti.  We do this work because we care.  Help Haitians help themselves. Please join our Facebook group here.

For more information please email us here.

The team in Marbial.

Dave B.
Dave is a Calgarian who has been involved with humanitarian work locally and around the world.  He has made 4 humanitarian trips to Haiti alone and well as trips to Peru and Mexico, and is on the board for Inn from the Cold in Calgary. He has made significant contributions in housing, education, sport, entrepreneurship and health care.

Mr. Gabe
From Calgary, Mr. Gabe has made four humanitarian trips to Haiti.  He spends the year refurbishing computers to take to Haiti.  On his 2015 trip, he was honored by having the computer lab in Lavanneau Haiti named after him. 
To learn more about Mr. Gabe's work in Haiti click here.

Paul L.
A marketing director from Chilliwack BC, Paul is involved with several humanitarian trips each year. 

Carolin B.
Involved in humanitarian work for many years, Carolin has recently focused her efforts on supporting the development of a successful soccer league in rural Haiti.  Additionally, she sponsors a medical student, and has contributed significantly to the building of houses for many Haitians. Carolin also supports a remote medical clinic and provides funding for the education of 2 children in a remote village in the Peruvian Amazon, and had been there many times.

Tony M.
Tony is a hard working dairy farmer fro Wellington, Price Edward Island and is a tireless advocate and humanitarian for the people of Haiti.

Lori C.
An educator from Calgary, Lori focuses on supporting Haitian children to attend school.

Maxeau P.
Max is a law student from Marbial, Haiti and is the Haitian Coordinator.  Maxeau cares about his country so much and wants to make it a better place.